Attendance sheet format

Attendance sheet format should be easy to understand so we do not have to explain visitors about it. This is standard document we use when someone visits our office. We also use these attendance sheets for employees to track their timings.

Why use standard attendance sheet format

Standard attendance sheet format helps you organize visitors. We normally forget who visited in few days and for what purpose due to memory limitations. Therefore it is always good to use attendance sheet for every visitor coming to our office. You can also use this attendance sheet format for housing society with small changes.

Benefits of using attendance sheets

There are many benefits of using attendance sheets in business. Some of them are mentioned below

You can track visitor database.

You can make strategic decision when common visitor come to office. For example if lot of salesman visit office, you can keep a check on them.

Employee shift timings are easy to track.

You know who all employees come on time due to which you can award them with benefits.

You can also Click Here to download attendance sheet sample.