Bulk email service free of cost

Email marketing campaign can help you generate good revenue and you can get bulk email service free of cost. These free bulk mail service is part of a company’s objective to attract potential customers for future.

Getting bulk email service free of cost

Initially you can search for free bulk email providers list and find out a suitable solution for yourself. Register for a free account and if you like these email service free of cost buy paid packages as the next step. We do have many service providers in free category. Check out the list of free email service providers.

Free bulk email service providers list

There are many free bulk email services providers but some of the good companies we recommend are mentioned in the list. No unlimited free email service providers found during our research, so all mentioned here have limit.


This website allows you to send up to 12000 free bulk email package for 2000 contacts. You can use these free mails in 30 days and after a month new 12000 emails are added to your account.


MailKitchen also allow unlimited contacts with free mail limit of 10,000 per month.


Send in blue provides unlimited contacts storage with 900 free emails per month.


Make sure you do not enter any credit card information until you are sure even when you are buying because most of the companies keep your card on auto debit mode. Amount will automatically deduct from your card next month and many times the charges are much higher next month than standard rates.