Creating business proposal

Creating business proposal or creating quotations is an art that every sales executive must master to ensure maximum revenue generation.

Creating business proposal

In big companies experienced marketing experts work on creating business proposal for customers. But if your organization is not that big and your jobs involve doing all sales related duties then you must know the art of creating good business proposals. After creating 100s of proposal we have outlined some of the important points that sales executives should understand.

Understand customer needs

Before sending proposal to customers you must discuss their requirement in detail and try to understand customer needs or requirement. There are times when customers are also not sure about the actual requirement. They have only created a small reference outline of how the final product will look like. It is the sales person’s responsibility to understand and bring that to reality and your proposal should reflect this.

Include company information

You must include company information that tells customer about trustfulness of your organization. Instead of using company name, contact information, write about your achievements and how your company manages after sales service. Contact information can be mentioned at the end of proposal.

Create detailed project plan

You must create detailed project plan for customers (details of how everything will be executed along with service description) because this is where most sales executives miss out. They just write key points, quote the price and click on send button. Adding details ensure customers that you have understood the requirement clearly. It also helps in building trust because you are not hiding anything.

Write terms and conditions

Write terms and conditions to ensure clarity before signing the final draft of document. Writing terms and conditions also help in reducing business conflicts in future.