Why Delhi elections 2019 are important for India

We still have time for Delhi elections 2019 but we can surely talk about them. Before Delhi we have Madhya Pradesh Elections and Rajasthan elections.

Importance of Delhi elections 2019

Delhi elections 2019 are important because in 2015 people of Delhi elected a government with historical majority. People believe on different kind of governance model due to there are many expectations.

There are two main factors due to which we call them important:

First of all it will be result of AAP’s performance during 5 years or AAP rule in Delhi. Secondly these elections will show initial picture of upcoming 2019 elections in the country.

Delhi elections 2019 dates

We are still waiting for Delhi election 2019 dates but we can expect 2019 elections in February. This assumption is based on previous elections dates in 2015. In 2015 elections happened in the month of February or before parliament elections. 2019 Delhi elections are also important because AAP promised a different type of governance. There is long list of fulfilled and unfulfilled promises. People of Delhi will take a decision on how much they have achieved or do they even have further scope.

Contestants participating in Delhi elections 2019

There are three main contestants participating in Delhi elections 2019 because we are not counting independent candidates. There are three main parties (Congress, BJP and AAP) contesting elections as per our information.

Delhi elections 2019 contestants list include three main parties. All of them will fight to grab maximum seats due to this campaigns are already going on. AAP was new party 5 years back but it is now a strong contender. BJP and congress are traditional parties and both have history of ruling the state. But end of day it is the real performance test of AAM AADMI PARTY for sure.

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