Earn money by clicking ads

Earn money by clicking ads is easy way of generating income. You clicked thinking that easy money is just a click away. I have no intention to hurt but with this, but I want to warn you about such fraud activities. My objective is to make you understand how this advertisement business works. Read on to know more or simply close the window if you just want to earn money by clicking ads without knowing the basics.

Do you actually get paid for clicking ads?

Sometimes yes, they actually pay initial subscribers for clicking on advertisements. But the question is who is paying the money. Along with real companies there are many fraud companies using you money to rotate the cycle. They will take money in the name of registration fee or business set up fee and later run away when they have enough collections done. Most of them work on network marketing model and pay initial investors to generate positive environment and acceptance for them.

Click and earn money business model

Click and earn money business model starts when a company wants promotion of their product, service or brand. They use marketing channels who commit assured returns out of their marketing campaign. These companies design and run online promotion campaign for the business and publish on internet in order audience (many be future customers) for their customer. Till now everything seems fine and ethical, there is absolutely nothing wrong and may generate revenue.

But there are some companies who hire people to click on the advertisements they create to quickly exhaust marketing budget and show customer reports that they are getting results. But in reality these hired people have nothing to do with actual products. They are not potential customers so indirectly all these are fake users who watched the advertisement for a price.

Imagine you created a campaign and invested $10,000 in promoting your brand. You got enough clicks from all over the globe but they are all fake users. You will not only loose all the money but also trust in online marketing.

These companies plan everything and use every possible lope hole. They use fake marketing companies and fake marketing techniques. End of day everyone loses money and trust.

So I recommend always confirm from your marketing company that they are not running a fake campaign and avoid getting involved in any earn by click business. If you do so, you may also be part of this nexus.