Employee appreciation letter sample

Employee appreciation letter sample is important because of two reasons. First of all you want your employees to stay motivated. And secondly, appreciation letter is a symbol of recognizing an achievement or a special thanks letter for contribution employee makes towards achieving business goals of company.

What is employee appreciation letter?

In an organization employee appreciation letters works as special thanks letter to employees for their achievements during employment tenure. It also serves as thanks letter for contribution towards making company better. Appreciation letters may or may not be related to individual performance or core job. You can appreciate an employee based on their team bonding activities, behavior etc. As employers you should consider and reward employees to keep them motivated.

Higher authorities should be writing appreciation letters

This should be done by higher authority. Whoever is writing employee appreciation letters may or may not be from HR department but should have higher profile in the company.

Employee appreciation letter sample

Use below mentioned employee appreciation letter sample, edit as per your business requirement and should be on company letterhead.

Dear James,

Employee ID: 100001

Dated: August 4, 2017


It is associated with last six month performance and I take this opportunity to personally thank you on behalf of entire company. I appreciate your contribution, dedication and real time efforts involved in this crucial project. We were able to achieve this due to team work and continuous effort.

We are confident that you will continue to provide your inputs and keep the high motivation active for further projects.


With warm regards,

HR Head

ABC Corporation

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