Government fee for GST registration

When you search GST registration fees in India or government fee for GST registration in India you get many links. These links offer various pricing for GST registration. Price for GST registration service falls anywhere between INR: 1000 to INR: 3500 depending on service provider. There are websites providing online registration for GST where you can make online payment for GST registration.

government fee for gst registration

GST registration fees

In reality government fee for GST registration in India is Nill. Therefore, in simple words you do not have to pay GST registration fees. That also means government does not charge any fee when you register business under GST. CA and tax consultants charge professional fee to register business under GST.

GST registration free of cost

You can get GST registration free of cost by applying online directly on government website or by going to GST office.

Annual turnover limit for GST

There is annual turnover limit for GST. Any business doing less than 20 lacs (for north eastern states it is 10 lacs) business in a year is exempted from GST registration.

GST registration link

Use below mentioned GST registration link to apply online

For new GST registration or temporary reference number  – Click Here