Government Takes this big decision on Kashmir 35-A Removed

Government takes this big decision on Kashmir valley. There were speculations and doubts throughout nation about what is happening in the Kashmir valley. Many top Kashmiri leaders on house arrest and section 144 is implemented. This is like curfew like situation.  All school and colleges are closed till further notice.

Before the decision on Kashmir announcement Sensex dips more than 600 points and everywhere panic like situation.

The news finally is finally here.

In one line – Government proposes bill to remove all sections of Article 370 in order to work on Jammu and Kashmir reservation bill. This change nullifies article 370 from constitution of India. The final decision may take some time but this happens we will not call Kashmir an integral part of India but “Part of India”. This is because Indian constitution will be applicable across the nation.

With this 35-A is removed (with immediate effect) and 370 will be removed after parliament discussion.

The decision will impact business and society as a whole. It will be too early to comment on impact of this decision on business and we have to wait and watch.