Hero Xtreme 200R price vs competition

Hero Xtreme 200R price is under Rs 90,000 due to which competitors will be surprised. Actual price of Hero Xtreme 200R is Rs 88000 ex-showroom. Last month Hero Xtreme was showcased to media for track testing and it performed really well. Almost everyone doing Xtreme 200R review liked the bike because of great its handling characters.

Hero Xtreme 200R price can 200cc shake market

Going buy the reviews and Hero Xtreme 200R price we can assume that the company now has a strong product. Due to India’s price centric consumer behavior it will not only compete in 200cc segment but will also give threat to 150-160cc bikes fall in and around this price.

This has also become one of the cheapest 200cc bikes you can buy in India today. This also offers single channel ABS and enough power for the city. If you compare Hero Xtreme 200r with TVS Apache or any other bike in 200cc bike, you will find it little under powered. But how many of you really going to take the bike on track. We live in country where most of the time, speed of bike does not cross even 100 so no worries about it.