How Indian roads can have all electric cars by 2030

India’s transport minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari said recently that Indian roads will have all electric cars by 2030. This is with reference to government’s initiative to control pollution related expected challenges.


But, the question is how the government can have all electric cars in India because everything comes with some hidden and undisclosed questions.

Change of Government

India has 5 year term for a government and they keep on changing. There are fair chances of government change in India and any every new government in Indian tries to scrap all previous policies so they can get credit of everything they do in their 5 year term. So this vision might derail. Same as India’s vision to become world leader by 2025 is about to derail.

Fake commitments made by Indian politicians

We have seen fake commitments made by Indian politicians in the past just to attract headlines. There have been many times when Indian courts have interfered and questioned the governments.

What will happen to petrol cars?

Indian policy for petrol cars says we can drive a petrol car for 15 years but in reality there are much older cars already running on roads. You can give some extra tax (Green Tax) and keep the car running. Government has not cleared what will happen to petrol cars that are bought recently. Additionally, this might just be a thought.

Very less time to achieve this goal

Some of the developed countries have also made policies for petrol and diesel cars. UK is one example that wants to stop sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. We want to do it before 10 years but not sure if we have a roadmap ready. There is very less time to achieve goal.

Indian infrastructure for electric cars

When we talk about Indian infrastructure for electric cars, there is lot to do. As of now there are no charging points available in even metros, forget about remote areas. How can we build the infrastructure for more than 1.3 billion people where people do not even have roads in many parts of the country?

Indian manufacturer making electric cars

The first company to make electric cars in India was Reva electric which was taken over by Mahindra & Mahindra. Even M&M is one of the best Indian automobile makers but does not sell lot of electric cars due poor infrastructure and cost of production. Other than M&M there are two wheeler makers like Lohia and hero electric as electric two wheeler manufacturer in India.

There are other issues

There are lots of other issues for Indian government like unemployment, corruption, education and health.

Above how can you even believe to have all Indian cars to be on the road where people do not have enough power supply?

How government can achieve all electric cars goal by 2030

Not sure if some other party comes to power but current government can surely do it. They have already done it with demonetization and GST. Government can simply announce one evening that tomorrow onwards all your petrol and diesel cars would be not considered as illegal. Sell your current car to scrap dealer and buy new car if you have money or use public transport. This is in reference with what economic times published statement – our Transport Minister says, “I will do it, you like it or not”.

But surely there are benefits like:

There will be drastic decrease in pollution very next day because all cars will be parked

There will be less pollution

There will be less people on road

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