How many people earn more than 10 lacs

Government of India yesterday announced 10% reservation for upper caste (as per some media reports) or general caste (as addressed by many media houses). The objective stated is to ensure economically weaker sections of society get fair chance in government jobs. But the conditions mentioned in the proposed bill are interesting and here is why.

How many people earn more than 10 lacs

If you search about how many people earn more than 10 lacs then you will find the answer. Forget about caste if the reports are to be believed. Around 99% of Indian population earns less than 10 lacs in a year.

I assume the bill is passed and becomes law in future. Now this is how general caste people will benefit.

people earning 8 lac per year

First of all people earning 8 Lacs per year will get the benefit.

As per income tax department (source: TOI) only 24.4 lac people earn more than 10 lac in our country. This means more than 95 percent general category people will benefit with this. They can anyway apply in 50% general category slab why would they go for 10%. And about poor people the situation may remain as it is.

Same principle applies in case of 1000 sq ft house in urban area. Because most people earning 8 lacs, are able to afford house of this size (sometimes even less) so this will cover almost every citizen.

Above all there are not enough jobs in government section and people are already struggling irrespective of their caste.

If someone wants to be happy about applying in 10% instead of going for 40% he or she is welcome to do it (if this becomes a reality).

But one thing will happen for sure. We start discussing this and real issues like how many jobs created in last 5 years.