How to reset wordpress admin password

I am writing this article because I forgot wordpress website admin password few days back. I searched through Google to find out wordpress admin password hack or wordpress admin password reset procedures. There are many articles about wordpress website password reset starting from wordpress password recovery using lost password link. If this works for you then good but if this does not then read about wordpress admin password decrypt method here.

How to reset wordpress admin password

To know more about how to reset wordpress site password or to reset wordpress admin password you need to understand about wordpress admin password encryption method. As soon as you enter password, wordpress admin password encryption method becomes active and it converts the easy password to a different string of characters with is tough to understand.

We do not have many wordpress admin password generator tools available because of this we should think other way around.

Step 1: Database Access

First of all you should have database access.

Step 2: Using wordpress admin password generator

Now search for password hash generator. You will get many PHP5 password hash generator and MD5 Hash Generator links. You can use any password hash generator tools available online.

wordpress password hash generator

Write an easy to remember password in the Password field and click on ‘Generate’ of ‘OK’ button. Check screen below for reference.


Step 3: Set new password for wordpress

Use the steps below to set new password for wordpress

  • Copy the code and open MYSQL database and go to ‘wp_users’ table.
  • Paste the encrypted code in ‘user_pass’ field and save the database.
  • Now login to ‘wp-login’ with new password you entered and change if from there if you need.