I really think we should declare Cow National Animal of India

declare cow national animal of India

Why declare Cow National Animal of India

Sounds interesting, but I decided the title just to attract some attention. Anyways we humans love hot headlines irrespective of real content. Sorry if it hurts but if I had no choice. I clicked this photograph during one of my recent evening walk. You will find many more like these on the streets. Just look at the picture and you will have pity on this poor cow. The area was stinking and there was garbage all over. People have thrown garbage at this place and our holy cow was trying to find some food. Just imagine we belong to a nation where these cow is worshiped, where our government’s one of the  most important agenda is “Swatch Bharat” irrespective of there are plenty other serious issues (generally not discussed), we neither have arrangement for cows, not do we have “Swatch Bharat”.

Plastic bags causing pollution is a common thing but the impact is long term. Do we really think once before throwing a polythene bag? The answer is no because we do not believe in saving environment. Responsibility is surely of government but at least we can reduce the usage of plastics. Even if you cannot reduce the use, no problem, at least do not through them in open.

You can simply collect all plastics at one place (like biscuit packages, packaged food wraps etc.) and give them to poor boys collecting (at least you can do this for social cause) or to your kabadi.

We should declare cow national animal of India to ensure it is protected from unwanted politics. Everyone talks but no one is serious about it because cow is just a political topic. In normal circumstances you can see lot of them roaming on roads around you. If your are really worried who ic stopping you to declare cow National animal of India.