Importance of Perception Management

Importance of perception management is for everyone because it plays an important role. Perception management is one of the most important factors that influence people when it comes to making decision. We meet someone and make perception. We listen to something and make a perception and live with it. The perception can be right or wrong or can be manipulated as per requirement if we understand the basics.

Importance of perception management in organizations

In an organization environment everything is used to judging people. Therefore we must take care of our perception. How we talk, how we walk, how we do our assigned job, the way we put our opinion in front of a group and how we behave with our supervisors. All these things put together makes perception and help people to make judgment about our individual personality

Do we really need to change perception?

First of all we need to understand the requirement. If everything is smooth and we are happy with the surrounded environment, there is no need to change perception. But if we find our perception is wrong and people have negative impression then we must work on it.

How to change perception

You can use these techniques to change perception about yourself and improve the image.

Check your way of communication: This is one most important, what other speak impact little but what you speak will have big impact. Whatever you speak gives a message and people create perception on it. For example if someone speaks a lot about political topics people start thinking that he is interested in politics.

Check what you wear: Your first impression makes a lot of difference when you meet a group of people or individuals. You should be very selective on the kind of cloths you wear because this helps in creating an image on users mind. For example if you wear neat and clean formal cloths people think you are a professional. Always wear cloth that you are comfortable with it if you are a public figure then the cloths that your audiences and fans can relate with.

Check out the way to carry yourself apart from clothing. The way you meet with people and the way you connect with them is important.

The body language and facial expressions play a big role in it.