Importance of pollution management

Pollution management is important aspect of any society because the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat must be clean. In simple words air pollution is affecting people of every age group. Due to rising pollution many people are getting impacted with heart disease and breathing problems.

PM 2.5 is increasing day by day and to be very frank there is no awareness about dust pollution. It also happens in all seasons including winters where we see SMOG all around. Our governments must take important steps to cure pollution to ensure we breathe fresh air.

As civilized national it is responsibility of every citizen to keep the air clean by every possible way.

pollution management

Take important steps for pollution management

Fresh air is important to survive due to this importance of pollution management is also very high. When we need good feed and we don’t get it. Most of the countries in the world have destroyed the environment on the name of development. They have constructed concrete structures all over after destroying forests.

Because the situation is already worse and strict measures needed, representatives of all countries should come forward.

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