India attack on Pakistan – Salute to Indian Air Force

India attack on Pakistan today on February 26, 2019 is in response to terror attack on February 14, 2019. In Pulwama attacked, more than 40 of our soldiers were martyred. Pakistan also accepted the attack on Pakistan by India via Tweet. The action is a well planned strategy of attack by Indian Air force. The operation is conducted by using Mirage 200 Jet by Indian Air Force.

Impact of Indian attack on Pakistan

Impact of Indian attack on Pakistan will be huge considering India’s growing economy and Pakistan’s reaction.

With this we also gave message to the world that India will no more sit silent on attack on Indian forces and our country as a whole.

Now India has changed the strategy from defensive to attacking which may attract mix reactions.

Pakistan will now think multiple times before sending any terrorist to India. Because we will not only kill their terrorist but also attack his bosses in Pakistan.

Salute to Indian Air Force & Willpower of Indian government + Lesson to Pakistan

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