India global hunger index ranking

India global hunger index reached 100 as per 2017 Global Hunger Index. There were total 119 countries in total and India ranked 100. In 2016 it was 97 and in 2014 the rank was 55. India has seen continuous fall since then and even countries like Nepal (72), Sri Lanka (85) and Bangladesh (90) are ahead of India. Global hunger index ranking of China stands at 29, much better than Indian. This report raises many questions on the country’s ability to fight with hunger and related areas.

India global hunger index

What is global hunger index ranking?

The question “what is global hunger index ranking” can be answered in just one line, how many people in the country do not get enough food to eat? The global hunger index rating system was designed to measure and track hunger globally. The rankings are done by “International Food Policy Research Institute” every year.

Facts about global hunger index

More than 20% or 97 million children in India underweight aged less than 5 years.

Many of the children have low height.

Why world hunger is a problem

If the numbers are bad then it is definitely a serious issue. World hunger is a problem because if the numbers are bad then it raises straight question on government policies to control hunger.

Since it is based on factual data so gives clear indication that the country is unable to feed its people.

There will be lot of debates around the issue but there is hardly action on it.

Time to wait and watch the next step.