Lessons from Karnataka Elections

Karnataka elections are over we all know what happened in a series of events during past few days. There are many lessons from Karnataka elections that political parties should consider. There were many speculations and claims that a party or its ideology is better than others. But end of day common people gets most of its impact.

lessons from Karnataka elections

Lessons from Karnataka Elections

Karnataka Elections results are here and here is a list of points that we should see as learning from Karnataka elections.

No party should be over confident as BJP was before and after the polls. Expecting victory is good but claiming it even if you don’t have right numbers raises questions.

Congress must learn that people now are looking for honest people and better speakers. They should make structural changes and bring people who can speak and answer questions. Congress does not have clarity about many issues and they are clueless about their own agenda.

No party can make government by just focusing on selected section of society. Nobody gives vote for neighbor’s happiness.

Governor clearly favored BJP to form government. Even if it was congress or any other party post of governor is seen as secular and people expect honesty.

Being national parties both Congress and BJP should learn honest and start respecting constitution. This is because in democracy people watch things and reach based on their experience.

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