Letter for seepage

Letter for seepage comes under letter to residents about event. Whenever resident welfare associations receive communication from resident or letter to society for leakage then RWA’s also send these letters.

This letter for seepage is also works as information we share with owner of house. There are also information possible damages and further action.

Dated: ________________

Subject: Notice for urgent repair due to seepage


Dear Resident (Flat No),

This is to inform you that we have received a complaint from House / Flat No: _______ that there is seepage on the roof which is causing damage to the flat’s walls as well. The issue is due to your flat’s bathroom, kitchen or any other related area (subject to check at owner’s end).

We have reconfirmed the claim with the help of plumber. Residents in the flat (your tenant) have also been verbally notified about this multiple times but the issue remains as it is. It is not only impacting one flat in the society but may cause threat to entire structure.

We request you fix this within next 5 days in order to make sure other flats are not impacted. Ignoring this notice or not taking appropriate action may cause removal of common services provided by the society.



Authorized Signatory

Resident Welfare Association (Apartment Name)