MBBS Fee Hike – No more doctors from middle class after 300% fee hike

Recent MBBS fee hike decision by government to make universities autonomous has started showing impact.

MBBS Fee Hike

Medical college in Dehradun has increased fee by more than 300%. Because of this fee increased from around 7 lacks to now 27 lacks for first year. This will be applicable to existing students as well.

MBBS Fee Hike

Now the question is how many of middle class people have 50 lacks in their bank account to make their children future doctors. It is clearly visible that government is trying to create a new business cycle for those who can afford to take loans. Due to this new business cycle you as an individual will believe that your children are achieving good results. But in reality your child will pay loans and interest throughout life.

If you still do not believe, download EMI calculator. If you still do not believe, download EMI calculator. Check how much time you need to pay a loan of 1 crore. This is an approximate amount your child will return.

IIM Fee hike

Some time back IIM also increased their fee to around 22 lacks. Not sure where education is going. If fee continue to increase, it will be very difficult to afford good education for common man.

It is just the beginning because when whole education system will get privatized there will be more fee hikes and ultimately education will become unaffordable to middleclass. Poor people are already out of the scene.

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