Ransomware can be a Well Planned Strategy


With this article, my intention is not to hurt any company or individual. It is just an analysis based on recent news and content search on internet.


It may be well organized, well thought out plan. I am not blaming anyone directly or indirectly but just look at the list of stakeholders who may get benefit out of this


Most of the systems got impacted with this were running on Windows XP. People may say that no developer would like to leave errors in their own code and that too famous one.

Consider this

Microsoft has already discontinued support of its XP operating system few years back. They want all users to switch to latest operating system. This will help them save unwanted cost involved in maintaining outdated software.

Support for once might be free of cost but if people upgrade to latest operating system there is a price you need to pay that directly generates more revenue for the company.

There is one recommendation that you use licensed version of windows as customers using pirated windows might be impacted and this will also generate revenue for Microsoft.

Antivirus companies

You buy medicine to get well soon. But the fact is no one would ever want to take medicine if there is no medical illness. Everyone knows about how strong the medical lobby is and who has not heard about scams.

Antivirus companies share prices on stock exchange were on the higher side with expected high growth.

More and more people will now buy antivirus software to protect their precious data. You may see increase sale of antivirus.

More customer enquiries generate more revenue. You might see “Protection from Ransomeware” on some of the sales brochures in near future.

Paid Hackers

I used the word “paid” because these things don’t happen overnight. You are not hacking a PC but you are hacking departments. As a hacker also you need protection, money and assurance that you will not get caught even after doing an online transaction (the payments made by victims must be landing in some financial institution)

They are asking money to release your computer and for sure they are doing it for money.

As the newspaper reads, USD 42,400 already paid in ransom by Indian companies as per Economic times today (May 16, 2017).

They might be getting funds from Microsoft, Antivirus companies because end of day these hackers are generating potential customers for them (without any monitory benefit, I doubt).

IT Consultants

There is so much pressure already on IT sector and suddenly this thing comes. There might be a group of IT consultants behind this, trying to take revenge. But chances are low.


Governments of some states might also be involved because more than 100 countries are impacted. Some of the important government data (especially defense services) might be at risk.

At the end, if someone is losing data or money, someone will surely gain from it.