10% Reservation for upper caste can be 2019 elections game changer

With reference to some media reports, government of India is now started hitting left right and center to ensure their 2019 win. They do not want any stone un-turned. Today Modi government announced 10% reservation for upper caste. This move will be considered as one of the few big decision before the terms ends. Reservation for upper caste ahead of general elections is also big move to make the voters happy because recently their recent defeat in three big states.

Now we may have upper caste reservation especially for weaker sections of society. It will be interesting to see congress and other political party’s reaction on this one.

Who will benefit from reservation for upper caste?

This 10% reservation for upper caste is for weaker sections of society.

People with income level lower than 8 lacks a year will come under this reservation as per media reports.

When will this start?

Government still has to work on it because the decision is only in phase 1 of getting a reality. After cabinet approval government now has to make changes in constitution which may take some time. This may be a game changer decision for 2019 general elections because people may have mixed opinions on this.

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