SEO scam, save your business from false seo companies


SEO Scam

Is your SEO Company fooling yourself? Read this article to know details. I have been into IT industry since long and have studied quite a lot of stuff but there are many topics that are either not addressed properly and in some cases we just ignore them. But being businessmen if you are looking for digital promotion companies then wait, read through this article to understand SEO scam save your business from false SEO companies.

SEO basics

Before we go further first we need to understand SEO basics. In easy words, SEO is a process of optimizing your website to ensure search engines recognize it and your web pages come up as search result.

SEO scam

Good SEO helps you generate traffic on website and poor quality can cause disaster that may remain for very long time. And the best part of the story is that SEO companies are using Ad words or Advertisement campaigns to promote their own websites. Imagine how they will promote their website via SEO if it is not working for them. These companies just make false commitments make a story to convince you and later ask for more money. But the final outcome is not as expected. As a result you end up losing money, trust and switch to other companies. They might also follow the same practices but with a different story to convince you.

How to save your business from false seo companies

If you want to save your business from false SEO companies then you can use many easy ways and the best thing is to check their own website quality. Any company or individual who knows search engine optimization will surely apply this on his or her website. There are many websites that allow checking SEO score free of cost. However there are some exception SEO checker websites that are running advertisements to promote themselves. IT is tough to find SEO scams companies or SEO fraud companies because most people looking for these services do not have enough technical skills required.

Anyways, you can use below mentioned links to check how well SEO is done.  100% is rarely a score but at least 75% or more you can expect from your SEO executive or digital marketing executive.