Website performance testing tools

Website performance testing tools help you understand where your website stands among billions of websites available on internet. There are many website performance testing tools that you can use to track website performance and few of the top tools are mentioned here.

Website Speed Test

Website speed test should come first as a fast loading website is what users like irrespective of its global website rankings. Use the links below to check how fast your website loads:

Using this tool you can also test the website from various locations in the world.

You can also use the link below for detailed view of website performance

This website can be used to test overall performance of the website. Results obtained after the test will tell you about page speed score, website loading time, total page size, waterfall view of website performance and lot more.

Website load testing

Website load testing is a method to know how good your website performs when there are users. Load testing can be done by asking some of your team member to open the website and perform various actions simultaneously at the same time.

Website load testing software applications are also available that you can use to test the site.