What if Aadhar card data leaked?

What if aadhar card data leaked is a question every Indian must ask. This is not a political inspired article so if do not make any opinion. Additionally do not create any agenda out of it because this is just to create awareness about possible threats linked with Aadhar data. I am writing this article because we belong to a country where we take actions after damage is done.

Government is on a mission to link Aadhar with all possible schemes, bank accounts, phone numbers, loan accounts and all other related databases possible. Creating a central database is perfectly fine and in fact it is a good initiative but our government should also ensure that all this information is in secure hands.

What if Aadhar card data leaked

Hack in mobile database

If there is a hack in mobile database, hackers will have access to your personal information. Hackers can use this data and get unauthorized access of call records. They can do further damage via phone hacking mobile application causing threat to your privacy.

What if voting link with Aadhar card?

Hackers can cast votes on your behalf causing threat to democracy. Every political party will be focusing more towards easy route then working on real issues.

Bank data hack

Threat about bank data hacked is always there because banks have always been at target of hackers. If someone steels your bank data, there is a threat that criminals get your exact financial information. Because most bank accounts are now linked with Aadhar card, threat is even bigger. You can be a soft target to criminals if they know your paying capacity. Consider basic example: pick pockets first track your activities and if they are sure you have money, they follow you. Imagine what can happen if criminals know you have a lot.

Social discrimination due to Aadhar card

There are fare chances of linking Aadhar card with population database that has all religion and caste related information. There can be social discrimination due to Aadhar card. Any government in power can use this data for their personal benefits. For example: Government is for the whole democracy but they can still spread any message among some selected portion of society. There is a threat of increased social discrimination based on religion, caste, social status, income group.

Threat to stability of country

Image what will happen if someone hacks the server and deletes Aadhar data. There will be huge amount of information at risk. However it is tough but there are incidents in history to prove government inefficiency to secure data. There are many examples available where governments does not have any idea about security systems. At the end they put blames to one or more companies to save their life and run away.

There can be many more issues related to Aadhar like finger prints not matching etc and people are struggling with this. We are at possible threat and it is government’s responsibility to ensure that our data is in secure hands.