Writing termination letter

Writing termination letter is equally important as writing appointment letter for an employee. It is also unfortunate and uneasy to terminate an employee. Being and HR executive in a company you can use below mentioned termination letter format as reference. Normally termination letters are given on company letterhead because these letters need approval from management.

Why writing termination letter is important

Writing termination letter is very important because employees are most important asset of an organization. When we are terminating an employee we also need to be very careful.

Termination letter sample

Use this termination letter sample for reference and edit as per your business requirement.

Employee Name: Scott Brown

Employee ID: 10020

Department: Operation

Dated March 20, 2017


This is to inform that you have been terminated from services of Greenfield Associates (company name) effective April 01, 2017 due to following reasons.

Reasons for termination

Unprofessional and careless attitude

Poor performance for 3 consecutive months


With Regards,

James Williams

HR Executive

Greenfield Associates

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